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When attending your child's game, please practice proper etiquette. Here are some general guidelines for spectators:

  1. Let the coach be the coach.

 As a parent, you may feel the impulse to be a sideline coach during your child's games. However, shouting instructions to players from the sideline is inappropriate and distracting. Distracting sideline behavior is especially hard for kids because they have a tendency to listen to their parents, rather than instruction from the coach. 

  1. Do not criticize or fight with the referee. 

Referees will sometimes make mistakes. Causing conflict over a disagreement with a call shifts the focus from the players to the parents.

  1. It's not all about the score.

 It's easy to hyperfocus on the score during the game and gets overly excited one way or the other. However, there is so much more to the game. Try thinking about what benefits your child will receive from playing the game. 

  1. Show respect to the other team and their spectators. 

Do not engage in inappropriate behavior with or towards the opposing team or those observing the game. Everyone is there to support their child, and that's all.

  1. Enjoy the game.

Do not become stressed about the score, or a bad call. As a parent or spectator you should be enjoying the game, and watching your child learn, grow and improve. 

  1. Do not discuss issues with your child's coach on game day.

If you don’t agree with a choice that your child's coach has made, save it for the next day. When the game is going on, your child's coach is busy, and emotions are higher for everyone. You should not confront the coach in front of your child and their team.

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